Your first tournament series

Create a tournament series for your game.

Everybody (almost) loves competitions. Tournaments are fun and an important part of the escs. Instead of creating new tournaments over and over, escs lets you create tournament series: tournaments that run automated in fixed predefined timeframes. Let's create your first tournament series. Got to your game in the and press the "Create tournament series" button.

You should see something like this now:

Let's fill just what's necessary. Max set duration - please enter in minutes how long one game can last (or how long you would like to allow it to last). This is important for tournament scheduling. Now please open "Advanced match settings" on the right and find the field "Penalty points"

If a player does not attend the game or just leaves the game during the tournament, this player needs to be penalized: his score for this game must be something that definitely makes him loose this game. Enter the value for this score in this field. For example, for Tetris it would be -1 or any negative number.

Now scroll down to the "General information" section.

Let's fill the "General information".

Tournament name - enter how do you want to call tournaments in this series. Players will see this name.

Description - put in a few words your message to the players here. Players will see the description as well.

Starting time and date - decide when the first tournament will start: pick the date and the time. This represents the starting point for this tournament series. The time you see here is the time in your time zone. Players will see the time in their respective time zones.

Duration - how long should a single tournament last? You can enter days, hours, minutes, seconds.

Frequency - how often should tournaments start? You can enter a number in days here. Frequency must be greater than duration - you cannot have several tournaments in one tournament series running in parallel. (But you can have as many tournament series as you want) Once set up, tournament series goes indefinitely - a starting point, duration, and frequency define all the tournaments.

Now press the "Create tournament series" button. Tournament series is now created and you see something like this under the information about your game:

Tournaments will run now automatically, everything is taken care of. Open escs inside your game - you immediately see the newly created tournament series there. Players can register and play.

The newly created tournament series is a bracket tournament, which will run until just one player is left - the winner. Read more about stages, modes, game modes etc. in the next sections.

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