Integration - step 1

Create and register your game in the is your main entry point. Here you can register games, create and edit championships, view stats, manage your account and more.


  1. Go to the and create your account.

  2. After the login you see this friendly introduction:

Creating a game

The information you enter here is important since it will be shown to your players.

Choose "Public tournament", enter the name and description of the game. When you are done, click "Create app" button.

Now you probably see something like this screen (just without the logo - we did not add it). If not - something is terribly wrong and all is lost.

Now click the tab "Scores" and setup your first game score: the basic metric that measures how good your players are in your awesome game. For example, in Tetris it's points. "Sort" defines if higher values are better (choose "Desc" for that) or lower values are better (choose "Asc" for that). Score name is shown to the players. You can have as many scores as you want. Define just one for now.

When you are done, click "Save" button.

Now click "Referrals" in the top menu.

Click "Add new referral" , enter any name and press "Create"

Go back to "Apps" and click "View details" on your game.

Now click "VIEWS" tab and create your first view.

Enter any name you want. Don't change the game. Choose the referral that you just created. Choose the integration type that corresponds to your game. Leave everything else as it is for now. You can change it later. Then click "Submit".

The result should look something like on the screenshot below. You need the public key and the player_base_url for your integration in the next step.

Copy your public key and the player_base_url and go to the "Integration - Step 2".

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