Integration - step 1
Create and register your game in the is your main entry point. Here you can register games, create and edit championships, manage subscription fees, view stats, make payments and payouts, manage your account.


    Go to the and create your account.
    After the login you see this friendly introduction:
Friendly introduction.

Creating a game

The information you enter here is important since it will be shown to your players.
The subscription fee is the fee you charge your players for the escs services. The subscription fee is splitted between you, escs and tournament prize pool.
Subscription fee and trial period can be 0.
You can choose which escs services will be available for free for your players. If you choose all services to be available for free, then only tournaments will cost the subscription fee.
Please select anti-cheat services, if your game has a backend, which can confirm game results to the escs backend. See more here under "Anti-Cheat services".
When you are done, click "Create game" button.
Now you probably see something like this screen. If not - something is terribly wrong and all is lost.
Click "View details."
Click on "View details" and you'll see something like this.
The most important information here is your public key. You can always find it here.
Now click on the "Create your first tournament series" button and go to step 2.
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