Tournament structures

Everything about the tournament series and the tournament structures.

In the integration guide, you saw how to create a tournament series.

Tournament series are designed to be set up once and then run indefinitely until you decide to stop them.

After you created a tournament series, you can edit certain parameters - go to the "Games", select a game, and then click on the replace button.

You can also pause the tournament series or replace it with a new one. Those actions are irreversible - your current tournament series will be deleted.

Each tournament series consists of tournaments.

Now each tournament consists of one or more stages that you create when you create a tournament series.

Think of each stage as of a small tournament, because each stage can be defined absolutely independent of one another.

Each stage consists on one or more rounds: depending on the stage mode.

Example of the stage modes are: brackets, round robin.

For each stage you can define how long it should go when to end the stage in the advanced stage settings. Now you do not need to go there - when you select a stage mode all the settings are populated with default parameters, which are sufficient for most cases.

For example, stage with a bracket mode usually goes until 1 player is left.

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