Integration - step 2
Create a tournament series for your game.
Tournaments are fun and an important part of the escs. Instead of creating new tournaments over and over, escs lets you create tournament series: tournaments that run in fixed predefined timeframes.
You should see something like this now:
Creation of the tournamet series.
Let's go through the fields from top to bottom.
Game name - is preselected and self-explanatory.
Tournament name - enter how do you want to call tournaments in this series. Players will see this name.
Description - put in a few words your message to the players here. Players will see the description as well.
Starting time and date - decide when the first tournament will start: pick the date and the time. This represents the starting point for this tournament series. The time you see here is the time in your time zone. Players will see the time in their respective time zones.
Duration - how long should a single tournament last? You can enter days, hours, minutes, seconds.
Frequency - how often should tournaments start? You can enter a number in days here. Frequency must be greater than duration - you cannot have several tournaments in one tournament series running in parallel. Once set up, tournament series goes indefinitely - a starting point, duration, and frequency define all the tournaments.
Score title - take a minute to decide what should be the score in your game. Any quantitative value can be the score. Often, the score is measured in points or time, but it can be anything - you decide.
Score - let the system know if higher values mean better result ("descending", for example, points) or lower values mean better result ("ascending", for example, time).
Custom prize pool - part of the subscription fee that users pay goes into the prize pool - usually 40%. However, you can add anytime custom prize pool. The amount you enter here will be automatically added to the prize pool of each tournament. If you do not have enough balance for the prize pool of the first tournament, you will need to add it here. You can change this anytime. If a charge fails tournament will still take place, but with less prize pool.
SHOW TOURNAMENT RESULTS FOR UNREGISTERED PLAYERS - this checkbox is a small marketing tool. If selected, players that didn't register yet for the tournaments will see what placement they would have achieved in the latest tournament based on their high score.

Prize pool

Winners of the tournaments are rewarded with prize money. You decide here how the prize money is distributed among the winners. Instead of rewarding just a few winners, the system rewards the best percentage of the players. You need to decide here which percentage of the players gets which percentage of the prize pool. You can enter up to 3 tiers.
For example:
This means that top 10% gets 70% of the prize pool - each player among the top 10% gets an equal amount. Top 20% means percentages 11-20 - each player gets an equal amount of the 20% of the prize pool. And finally, the top 30% means percentages 21-30 - each player there gets an equal amount of the 10% of the prize pool.

Tournament mode

The last, but not least is the definition of the tournament type. You can choose between multiplayer and single-player modes - this depends on your game.
And you can choose the draw mode. For example, "First game played" means that the score of the first game player plays during the tournament time counts for the tournament.
"Best game played" means that the player can play any number of games during the tournament time and the best score counts for the tournament.

Creating the tournament series

When you filled everything you should see something like this:
Now press the "Create tournament series" button. Tournament series is now created and you see something like this.
Tournaments will run now automatically, everything is taken here of - you can proceed to step 3.
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